Forget & Forgive ToastMasters meeting in KoPlac

Forget & Forgive ToastMasters meeting in KoPlac

KoPlac always supports and hosts notable events. On 25th July took place a well-organized & structured meeting of Brno Business Toast Masters. The topic was Forgive & Forget. Our interns grabbed the chance to participate, to talk public and guess…In the end, the speaker of the day was an IT intern of KoPlac.

Author: Antonis Spyridakis | Digital Marketing Intern at KoPlac

What is Brno Business ToastMasters?

Brno Business ToastMasters is a part of Toastmasters International and established in 2010. The aim of the club is to help other people to improve their soft skills like public speaking, leadership, presentation, and organization, through real pubic speeches and positive feedback.


Forgive & Forget Experience

The whole event started as we already know – forgive and forget. Each participant needed to say a his\her name and tell others how is he\she dealing with forgiving and forgetting.


We got some nice advice and from the very start learned a lot – but it was just a beginning. After a short break, the most interesting part followed – WORKSHOP. During the workshop Simeone described us how to make a good speech and gave us some advice, we had a chance to choose a partner, get a topic and tried to come out with a nice, structured speech. That was just a warm up for next part – Table topics speech. How does it work? So, you go on the stage, in front of the public, pick up a paper with a topic and you have a 30sec to thing about your speech, after that, you have to hold a speech about the topic for one or two minutes. Our interns were very active, and even 4 of them participated in this little contest. While we were waiting for the results, Jarda gave us small English grammar lesson and advice how to speak better. Next, there was evaluator who gave us feedback with great advice for every part of the event. This great event finished in best possible way – our IT intern, Hanna, won the prize for Best table topics speaker.
Hanna, Speaker of the day! Proud of our IT intern!

Final Thoughts

Would you like to work on your personal development and improve your soft skills? Then, meetings of Toast Masters are definitely for you. You’ll meet new people with diverse opinions, have the chance to talk in public and receive continuously positive feedback from well-experienced people who are able to suggest improvements regarding your soft skills.In the future, we’ll host more events in KoPlac. See you there
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