Startup Weekend Brno #4

Startup Weekend Brno #4

The hardest part of starting up is starting out. At Startup Weekend Brno #4, you will be immersed in the ideal environment for startup magic to happen.

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour competition. During the event groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus and graphic artists are working together to create a viable final product until the end of the event. SW Brno has been running for four years. It’s known as an international event. So far we had participants from several countries like the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, will come on Friday evening to the Newton College.


05. October- 07. October 2018.

Newton College, Rašínova 103/2

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So, how will it look like?


Networking, a funny warm-up game, and a brief presentation regarding the Startup Weekend Brno #4 will start before pitches. Initially, the event will start with the 1-minute pitches. In the end, more and more participants will grab the chance to pitch their business idea in front of “strange” people. Finally, teams will form the most popular business ideas according to the votes. After that, the teams will immediately start to work on their projects.


After the attendant’s arrival, participants will have a breakfast before the hard work at 9:00 am. Our Facilitator will organize a helpful workshop for participants in the morning. After that, the teams leave the building and go outside to find potential customers. This is the most important thing during the Startup Weekend event.

BBQ Time:

Participants, mentors, and organizers will have the chance to take a break on Saturday afternoon during the BBQ event. During BBQ participants, organizers and mentors discuss in a friendly atmosphere, come closer, eat a lot and have a lot of fun as well. Having fun is the second most important thing during a Startup Weekend event.


Participants will come earlier and start to work harder on their projects. Another helpful workshop (How to pitch) will be organized on Sunday morning. If you want a successful Startup Weekend event, you should share the knowledge with your participants. Workshops are always a good way.

Final Test:

Participants will test their final pitches in front of our mentors on Sunday noon. On the other hand, mentors will provide useful feedback regarding the final pitches.

Check out the video from last year here.

The whole event will be bilingual, in Czech and English.

The event wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors and partners