Startup Weekend Brno

Startup Weekend Brno

Startup Weekend Brno is running again this year in it’s 4th edition.  What is actually a Startup Weekend? It is a 54-hour weekend event, during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and other creative minds pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams of people united with the same goal .They work together , share their thoughts and think outside the box to develop a business prototype, demo or presentation by Sunday evening. They are supervised and monitored  by experts who help them to improve their business plan.

A little bit of history

Koplac is an NGO that started organizing Startup Weekend almost 5 years ago. The idea was brought by one of the Spanish students that did  an Erasmus internship in KoPlac.

We wanted to organize something inspiring and interesting for people who want to develop their ideas and to have fun at the same time– said Jan the CEO of KoPlac , one of the organizers of the Startup Weekend in Brno.

After just a few months of the organization, the first edition of the Startup Weekend in Brno started.

The newly renovated KoPlac became too small for the newest editions, that is why the event moved to a Newton College.  The second and third edition was marked with plenty of new ideas, inspiring and fascinating people that took part in the event to boost their entrepreneur skills and develop their startups.

More about the second and third Startup Weekend you can check on this and this video.

Besides skilled mentors, motivated participants, mindblowing ideas and inspiring facilitators, Startup Weekend is known for its BBQ. The BBQ is organized each Saturday as a part of the event and it is a time when participants can relax and build friendly relationship with mentors and potential investors.

Previous experience

In the last 4 years Startup Weekend hosted more than 150 people of different nationalities and backgrounds. They have presented innovative ideas like CopyWrite, which is solving copywriting problems by protecting copywriter’s content or Local Travel Guide, an app that is helping paranoid travellers not to be late on their flights. Developing the idea is not all that you can takefrom the Startup Weekend. Getting new knowledge , meeting  charismatic and fascinating people, becoming inspired , motivated , passionate and of course having unforgettable experience – these are the main advantages of the Startup Weekend.

Startup weekend #4

You will have the opportunity to join Startup Weekend Brno #4 this year as well. The event is going the be held from  05. October till 07. October 2018 at Newton College, Rašínova 103/2. All you need   is to purchase tickets  at the  Eventbrite and mark “I’m going” on our Facebook page. This year our facilitator will be Maria Calafatis , an experienced entrepreneur from Greece.

You can also expect inspiring mentors from Google Launchpad, Petr Mandík and Pavel Bartoš , Vadym Melnyk, the founder of Cervi Robotics and more.