My Internship at KoPlac – John

My Internship at KoPlac – John

My name is John and I am a Computer Science student at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. I am currently undertaking a summer internship at KoPlac. I will describe my experience at KoPlac from the application process to the structure of the work placement and life in the city of Brno.

The application process

Besides sending my resume, the application for an internship at KoPlac also included recording a 3-minute video and later a Skype interview. The requirement for the video led me to think that the atmosphere at KoPlac is serious and candidates were wickedly investigated to be accepted. I was apprehensive about the interview but then when I saw that my interviewer was a cute young lady with a flower in her hair I realized that the atmosphere is friendly and informal.

What KoPlac is like

At KoPlac I have the opportunity of befriending and working alongside a dozen other interns from all around the world with different backgrounds that include marketing, computer engineering, and geographic information systems. While formal training and management are absent, there is a lot for me to learn from other interns and the relaxed environment provides me the freedom to work at my own pace and choose which project to work on.

Today, when Iva, the girl from the interview, came back to KoPlac after having been away for a few days and gave me a hug for not having seen me for a while, I thought back on the distant days when she was just a face on the screen and realized it was indeed worth all the trouble to go through the exhaustive visa application to travel here and join the KoPlac family.

Life in Brno

The list of things I love about living in Brno is in itself longer than this article. Just to mention a few things: The weather is not too hot in summer, unique delicious food, low cost of living, progressive culture, authentic Czech atmosphere not spoiled by too many tourists, surreal architecture, beautiful natural scenery, distinguished public transportation and finally travel is easy due to Brno’s location in the center of Europe.