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KoPlacement is a service provided by KoPlac which connects companies and international students looking for internships in the Czech Republic under the Erasmus+ Programme.

Erasmus+ Traineeship program has become the perfect tool for students to gain work experience abroad. We connect young talents with diverse educational backgrounds to companies in the Czech Republic with the possibility of future employment.

We already have long time experience with finding perfect positions in the Czech Republic. We successfully educated 54 interns from different countries around Europe.

Our agency provides services for companies – to find a right person for needed position and help them with documentation and interns – to find an appropriate placement and prepare for the future career.

Check the advantages which you can gain from having an international intern:

  • Being a mentor
  • Providing knowledge
  • Developing companies
  • Enrichment of work environment
  • Gaining new employees
  • Saving money
  • Building international team
  • No paperwork
  • Searching talents for future employment
  • Saving time for administrative process
  • Developing new ideas


Advantages for students:

  • Getting practical skills from specific educational background
  • Gaining additional valuable skills
  • Improving foreign languages
  • Flexible working
  • Challenging yourself
  • Visiting new country
  • Discovering new culture
  • Cooperating in global environment
  • Building your career
  • Enriching personal CV
  • Opportunities  for traveling
  • Self- improvement


For more information contact us:


Název: KoPlac, z.s.

Provozovna : Příkop 2a, 602 00 Brno


Jan Orava Tel : +420 739 027 166

Email: jan.orava@koplac.cz

Luděk Kühr Tel : +420 605 822 228

Email: l.kuhr@bic-rtd.cz


How to apply as a student:

  • Fulfill online application http://bit.ly/2vc0ZB3 and send your CV to
  • Next record a short video about yourself (brief presentation, your hobbies, why you
    want to come here, and interesting things about you) max. 2 minutes. Add the link with
    video to the online application. You can use: http://www.edisk.cz/en to share a video
    using Dropbox or Youtube. You can make a video with a phone or computer. After that,
    add the link with video to the online application.


Current Offers




GIS Specialist at KoPlac.

Human Resources


Erasmus Start-up at KoPlac.
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